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Chinese master painting and calligraphy one hundred stamps, ZhenCangCe Hou Jingyao, traditional Chinese painting beautiful monkey ticket "published by Mr Painting monkey all Hou Jingyao. A rendering of the [Chinese] monkey page value 80 (RMB) stamps, volume 1, simultaneously with the monkey stamps issued a first day cover, face value of 80 (RMB) stamp.During in the eighteenth big, by the People's Republic of China, China international stamp collecting network, China post public offering, the difference is Mr Hou Jingyao painting is an expert in China specializing in painting monkey monkey, he to Chinese painting ink, dozens of new monkey, the monkey, painting style floating escape, composed, heavy ink too old, I have my method, method the wuding method, form a, breakthrough and innovation in the traditional, imitating the nature based on the natural, bearing the ink tradition of excellence, to develop the meaning of the principle of traditional Chinese painting, take pen and ink when over time, come to life, the art of other countries for reference and absorb a wide range of aesthetic experience.Monkey is different from others, its composition is flexible, vivid, and skilled, very deep, decades and, rhyme emerge in endlessly, give priority to with natural artistic conception further, rich painting monkey theme, deepen the painting monkey artistic conception, fully formed his unique personal style. Achieved high artistic achievement.After issued by China post 2013 masters of [one hundred] the second Chinese culture famous books, the third volume of monkey stamps, face value 1.20 points (RMB), its artistic style is unique, pen and ink and old spines, infinite changes, write for, spring spirit is extremely strong, personality is distinct, the monkey stamps, different s from the painter's works and boutique, beautiful image, printing delicate, deeply the general stamp enthusiasts welcome, Mr Hou Jingyao monkey stamps will in the future of philately has immeasurable appreciation and collection value on the market and provide a new cultural feast, also for the future in the stamp market and stamp collectors a bright scenery line.Painting the apes everyone Hou Jingyao: the world outstanding person association, vice chairman;World class organization association honorary President, chief artists;Vice President of Chinese artists association;UNESCO experts members;The standing committee of China art academy, lifelong standing committee, etc.Researcher at the Chinese painting and calligraphy art research institute, China artists association, honorary chairman.Art society of China life standing committee, China association of celebrity home that lifelong honorary President.Honorary President of Chinese painting and calligraphy institute.Chinese art investment association honorary vice-presidents.The national level artists, honorary President of the academy of the Forbidden City, the super painting and calligraphy.Honorary President of the China famous academies, artists association member.Clearly the Chinese painting and Beijing artists for life.The ancient capital of xi 'an stranger, native of shanxi.Graduated from northwest normal university academy of fine arts painting professional, is good at Chinese painting figures, landscapes, animals.. Of painting monkey etc.the recently completed great length of more than forty years.Qifeng master, from the ink master, don # t monkey master, waterfall cave, valley Lord, tip host, qifeng master, etc.Several times to participate in domestic and international exhibition and solo exhibition.Biography on domestic and international painting and calligraphy works.International, domestic, Jin Yinjiang hundreds of times, the work spread in all countries, and institutions and personal collection, is television reported many times obtains the title of all kinds of dozens of times.Works collected by the state intellectual property office and nominated for "cultural ambassador" of intellectual property.Chinese classics studies, Chinese classics outstanding contribution award committee awarded the "Chinese outstanding contribution award", etc., the world general organization awarded the "special contribution the first gold medal," China's [international] art brand certification board certification for: Chinese art top brands list, in 2012 awarded the "national artist title.Escape [world monkey Chinese paintings museum] HTTP: / / http://www.worldart.com.cn/space/?User = 1096《中国百年巨匠书画邮票珍藏册·侯景耀国画精美猴票 》出版发行  


   古都西安生人,籍贯山西。毕业于西北师范学院美术系画专业,擅长中国画人物、山水、动物。尤善画猴等. 修业四十余载。号奇峰主人,逸墨堂主人,师猴堂主人,水帘洞主,万峡谷主,妙法主人,奇峰主人等。曾多次参加国际、国内展及个展。入编国际国内书画典籍。获得国际、国内、金银奖数百次,作品流传于世界各国,并被机构及个人收藏,多次被电视台报导获得各类称号数十次。作品被国家知识产权局收藏并获得“知识产权文化大使”提名。  中国国学研究,中国国学杰出贡献奖评委会授予"国学杰出贡献奖"等,世界教科文卫组织授予"首批特殊贡献金色勋章",中国[国际]艺术品品牌资质认证委员会认证为:中国艺术品顶级品牌榜,2012授予国宝级艺术家称号。

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